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Institute of Ecology, Environment Protection Activity and Tourism named after V. Chornovil

Institute was founded in 2011 on the basis of the former Lviv State Institute of Modern Technologies and Management named after V. Chornovil after its accession to the National University Lviv Polytechnic. As newly established institute it has long-term perspectives to become the leading scientific and educational centre in the field of ecology, environment protection and tourism in Western Ukraine.

Six departments provide training of professionals ready to meet current and future needs of the society. One of them is the Department of Tourism, which offers programs leading to the degree of Bachelor in the field of Tourism. Students of this Department study such courses as: tourism topography, investments in tourism, GPS-technologies, innovations in tourism, and many others. Another one is the Department of Applied Ecology and Balanced Nature Use, which offers programs leading to the degree of Bachelor in the field of Ecology, environment protection and balanced use of the nature.

The academic process at the Institute is maintained by 90 lecturers, including 8 D.Sc. and 45 Ph.D. The total number of students is about 1250.

Material and technical facilities for training professionals include a number of computer classrooms and specialized laboratories equipped with the latest hardware and software where students can get free access to the Internet.

Institute offers programs leading to the degree of:

Bachelor in the fields of:
    1. Tourism
    2. Marketing
    3. Management
    4. Computer science
    5. Ecology, environment protection and balanced use of the nature
Specialist and Master in the fields of:
    1. Marketing
    2. Innovative activity control
    3. Ecology and environment protection
    4. Management of organizations and administration (by the types of economic activity)
    5. Management of environment protection activity
Ph. D. in the fields of:
    • 01.05.02 – Mathematical modeling and computational methods
    • 08.00.04 – Economics and management of enterprises
    • 21.06.01 – Ecological safety
Academic staff
Student body
– 90
– 8 D.Sc.
– 45 Ph.D.
– 1250.